10 Super Cute Ideas for a Rainbow Birthday Party

Rainbow Birthday Party

Boys, girls… and even adults. Who doesn’t brighten up with a rainbow? In our pursuit for the cutest birthday themes in the ‘parentsphere’, we have picked the most colorful of them all: the rainbow birthday party theme!

We love this theme not only because of its obviously great color scheme but for its versatility, suiting both boys and girls. The style (e.g. gender, age, etc.) can be set easily through the choice of materials, rather than colors. For example, girls can have feminine multi-colored flowers and pom-poms, while boys can sport tall balloon arches and use cool favors in the hues of the rainbow (our favorite being Legos). As long as the basic (super bright!) colors are in place (and in the right order), the possibilities are endless. We’ve searched and picked for you some of our favorite ideas for a great rainbow birthday party, from cute tables to whimsical cupcakes and party favors. Take a look and send us your faves!



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