12 Cool Ideas for a Moana Birthday Party

Last year’s Moana is still a huge hit in our household (yup, kids …. and husband! still make us watch it every chance we get). From the awesome story to the amazing characters, to the beautiful images throughout the movie, it’s really resonated with the islanders inside us.

#ICYMI: At our household, we love Moana as a character because she’s a courageous, vibrant and tenacious 16-year-old heroine. Even though she’s growing up on an island where voyaging is forbidden, she’s drawn to the ocean (since she is in diapers!) and bravely sails across the sea, driven by her love of her island and her people. She’s NOT your typical Disney princess! This movie is a #NoniTribe favorite.

Understandably, it has also inspired some of the most gifted party decorators and bloggers to create incredible events themed with the island of Motunui. Of course, there are a lot of merchandise options from Disney, but some of our favorite choices were those of DYI-masters, encouraging creative crafting – all in beautiful colors! We’ve searched and picked for you some of our favorite ideas for Moana-themed birthdays, from cute tables to whimsical cupcakes and party favors. Take a look and send us your faves!

Lastly, our undisputed favorite! This Tamatoa cake is Insane! Brava, Ashlee Marie! #soshiny


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