Safety First! 5 Really Cool Wearable and Safety Devices for Kids


We obviously keep a watchful eye and always do our best to know our children’s whereabouts, but as the saying goes, ‘even the best hunter lets the hare go.’ Even super-parents with eyes in the back of your head can be easily outrun by a child’s willful spirit… or heaven forbid, ill-intentioned onlookers. While it’s difficult to envision this happening, it’s crucial to have a plan in place and to respond rapidly to locate a missing tyke. Enter kid wearables.

Whether it’s on a family excursion, field trip, or on the youngster’s route home from school, safety is primordial and modern gadget tech comes to the rescue! One of the favorite themes at this year’s CES, kid wearables are making a big splash, in a time where child safety is a highly trending topic. We’ve searched the marketplace for the coolest, lightweight and most nifty wearables now available for pint-sized users:

Amber Alert GPS Locator, Black (AT&T)

The Amber Alert GPS Locator, Black (AT&T) is a safety device that offers two-way voice communication through an embedded SIM card from AT&T. Among kid wearables, this device is unique because it’s the only tracker that will alert mom or dad if the child is in close proximity to a sex offender. The locator can be worn around your child’s neck with a lanyard, on the wrist, or placed in your child’s backpack (it’s also water resistant). Parents have the choice of paying a monthly fee to Amber Alert directly or go through AT&T.

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The folks at Tinitell approached the tracking and communication with simplicity and style, designing a single-button wrist phone and GPS/Bluetooth locator that is as practical as it is cute. The device is a great choice for parents who want voice connection with their children without the bells and whistles of other similar kid wearables. The wearable features a corresponding iOS and Android application and can be used with a SIM card from any cell service provider, giving parents great freedom of choice.



This wearable GPS device is the first of its kind. It was created by Doron Somer, inspired by an incident in which unfortunately his autistic son was mistreated by a caretaker. AngelSense is currently the only wearable GPS tracker on the market made for special needs children. The device is highly unique and includes a lot of features that typical GPS kid wearables don’t. For example, parents can use the app to “listen in” to your child’s device and survey what’s happening around them, as well as set perimeters and get alerts if your child travels outside of designated boundaries. Other cool features include the ability to see what your child did throughout the day (at 30-second intervals), and a magnet to attach the device to clothing if your child has sensory issues.

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hereO GPS Watch for Kids

The hereO GPS Watch for Kids (Lemon) is a watch with GPS and GSM location services. Although the device works using cellular networks, it’s a favorite among parents who want GPS location but aren’t keen on cell phone functions. The hereO has a built-in SIM card and works with the signal of varying carriers (which results in a monthly fee of $4.95). Among other cool features, we love the sleek design, the resistant material and that it’s small and comfortable enough even for a 3-year-old.

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This device is not only a great product to track young children, but the makers also produce tracking devices for locating cars, seniors, pets and more. PocketFinder uses GSM and GPS technology and – perhaps our favorite feature – the company set out to make it as tough as nails. According to company executives, the device is made from the same material as riot shields, making them almost indestructible for a child. It’s a smart choice for those searching for an extremely rugged tracker that can be worn on the wrist or dropped in a backpack or pocket. The PocketFinder is especially useful for kids who are prone to removing or breaking wearables.


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What do you think? Have you seen any other really cool wearables or tracking devices for kids we should share with the #NoniTribe? Let us know in the comments!


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