5 Yummy and (kid-friendly) Valentine’s Day Treats

5 Yummy and (kid-friendly) Valentine’s Day Treats

Get ready for yummy, delicious heart-tastic treats this Valentine’s Day! Making Valentine’s Day treats shouldn’t be complicated or boring, it should serve as a great opportunity to bond and create a really cool treat… or a few. Round up your kids and explore their creativity with these 5 simple (and super cute!) recipes:

Valentine’s marshmallow pops
(Via Glorious Treats)

HOW TO MAKE: Stick your marshmallows on one end of the lollipop stick and place it into the chocolate. Add some sprinkles and let it dry. The kids will enjoy fixing the marshmallow and adding the sprinkles. Let the excess chocolate drip off before adding the sprinkles and ensure that the coating is not too thick. SEE FULL RECIPE.


Heart Rice Krispie Pops
(Via Skip to My Lou)

HOW TO MAKE: Add your rice krispies treat mixture onto the pan and cut them later into heart shapes using a cookie cutter (this way is more fun for the kids compared to using the heart shaped pan). Once you dip the cookies in the melted chocolate, you can have the kids sprinkle it with decorations and make it their own. SEE FULL RECIPE.


Red velvet sandwich cookies
(Via Bakerella)

HOW TO MAKE: They are delicious, easy to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients. All you’ll need are two eggs, half a cup of butter and a box of red velvet cake mix. Mix the ingredients well and put the batter on the baking sheet in the oven (pre-heated to 350 degrees). Baking will take between 10-12 minutes. Kids can help by mixing the ingredients and more experienced little chefs can add the batter to the baking sheet (with adult supervision, of course). You can use a cutter to shape your cookies into cute shapes such as hearts, flowers or anything you like. For the creamy filling, use a mixer to combine half a cup of butter cream, a tea spoon of vanilla and cream cheese with a bit of sugar. SEE FULL RECIPE.


Cupid’s arrows
(Via Organize Your Stuff Now)

HOW TO MAKE: Similar to fruit kabobs, these cute cupids arrow are made using pretzels. On one end, stick a little (gummy) candy heart to make the tip for your arrow. Cut out the center of another heart to get the shape of a feather. Simply stick the other piece of candy to the other end and voilá! SEE FULL RECIPE.


Sweetheart Shortbread
(Via Diamonds for Dessert)

HOW TO MAKE: Let the kids cream the butter and sugar and as you add an egg to the mixture. As the kids do this, mix baking soda, cornstarch and flour, baking powder and a bit of salt. Carefully combine the two mixtures and separate the dough before baking if you want to make them with different colors. Flat cookies will not need to be baked for long. For crunchy cookies, have them in the oven for a bit longer while covered with an aluminum foil. SEE FULL RECIPE.

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