10 Beautiful Gifts for your (Glittery, Sparkly, Magical, Enchanted) Princess ❤️

10 Beautiful Gifts for your (Glittery, Sparkly, Magical, Enchanted) Princess ❤️

If your daughter is like mine, she’s a glittery, sparkle freak who loves all things pink and shiny. Although sometimes the pink can become a bit much, there’s no denying the hearts in my eyes every time she’s wreaking havoc around the apartment with her plastic Cinderella heels and pink handbag. At Noni we partner with a couple of awesome brands and, while searching for learning toys for the #NoniTribe, I came across some extremely cute additions to compile “10 Beautiful Gifts for your Princess”. If you are the proud parent of a sparkle-loving, unicorn-riding, pink-wearing songstress, beware, your kid will go nuts with these: 


1. Wooden Princess Magnet Playset by Melissa & Doug:

First up, the virtually indestructible Wooden Princess Magnet Playset by Melissa & Doug. These are great for kids as young as toddlers, and as old as grade schoolers who are really into storytelling. The figures are easy to position and reposition again and again on any magnetic surface. This is one of my favorite educational princess gifts. Playing with them is also great to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for younger princesses. As we’ve come to love about M&D, they all come in a convenient wooden storage case. BUY NOW


2. Disney Princess Purse Fishing Kit:

For the princess who loves life at sea, we present the Disney Princess Purse Fishing Kit by Shakespeare. Too. Cute. It’s a kit with an all-in-one telescopic rod and reel with line and practice casting plug… PRINCESS-THEMED! It has a Disney Princes tackle box, matching sunglasses and its convenient carrying case. Now you know what to get her for the next time you’re out stretching your sea legs. TAKE THAT PRINCESS FISHING

3. “Today I’ll Be a Princess” Book by Paula Croyle:

I’m not usually for fluffy books, but this one caught our eye. It’s a book that encourages imaginative play and my favorite part is that it can be personalized with your kid’s name. Also, it’s a mega sparkly piece of literature that your princess will look at endlessly… if she’s into that. BUY ON AMAZON

4. Disney Princess Watering Can Combo:

For the garden-loving princess, get her first gardening kit and nurture her green thumb. This is going to look so cute in the shed. Planter and watering can, decked in pink-tastic perfection. BUY ONLINE


5. The Pinkalicious: Teeny Tiny Pinky Library by Scholastic:

This miniature slipcase of four Pinkalicious titles makes an irresistible gift. This charming set contains jacketed hardcover mini editions of four beloved Pinkalicious stories. It’s packaged in a sweet slipcase, and – according to Scholastic – this collection is “pinktastically gift-alicious!” … Oh, my. Don’t worry, it’s not a pink-tastic heap of crap. It was written and illustrated by the very talented, award-winning Victoria Kann (she also wrote and illustrated the New York Times number-one bestsellers Goldilcious and Silverlicious). BUY NOW

Remind your princess that she is a ray of sunshine in mommy and daddy's world. #parenting


6. Dress Up Duvet Cover from Quilts Etc:

Your princess is going to love this hand-painted pattern, featuring everything from princesses to fairies and super girls. This is one of those princess gifts that parents will actually see a lot of value (and incredible charm) in. The use of watercolors creates a soft look, like straight out of the pages of a children’s book. Just as whimsical in the back, the reverse features a sweet and delicate, painted floral pattern composed of blushing pink hearts. It’s so sweet. BUY NOW


7. The Enchanted Castle Play Set:

It’s a play set, it’s a puzzle, it’s a castle, it’s even its own carrying case. Insanely cute. The brightly illustrated, uber pink cardboard carrying case opens up to reveal a two-level castle. Inside are a 16-piece reversible puzzle play mat to set up her little play stage and 28 cute play accessories (4 wooden characters, 2 horses, and a horse-drawn carriage). This is awesome for princesses ages 4-8 years old. Click on the link to see the magic unfold (pun intended). BUY NOW

8. Belle’s Enchanted Castle:

Belle, Beast, Cogsworth, Lumierre and the gang; they’re all here! The castle stands over 9″ high and it’s the perfect gift for Disney Fandom Princesses. I’m always an advocate for Girl’s Lego Time. She can relive all her favorite scenes from the Disney flick… or, alternatively, it can be a great place to act out some riveting reality-TV-esque drama, which is something my niece usually does. VIEW PRODUCT

9. Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Princess Carriage by Melissa & Doug:

Because there’s nothing cuter than a crafty princess, M&D have created this DIY play set so she can pimp her royal ride. My favorite part of this princess gift is that it’s made from a material that can make for a fantastic heirloom. Make a date with your princess to decorate her little carriage and let her creativity soar. Please bring glitter to the party. BUY ONLINE. 

10. Unicorn Jumbo Stuffed Animal by Melissa & Doug:

And now the piece de resistance: a kid-size unicorn. ‘Holy shnikies’ is accurate. This item will not only provoke some serious envy among other princesses, but it will make your princess feel as powerful as an army of ten thousand warrior princess-fairies raging across a battlefield made of candy and rays of magic. That’s a powerful feeling, my friend. At $100, this is the Maserati of princess gifts. I think it’s complete nonsense, but if you ask my daughter, it’s so worth it. GET THIS UNICORN. IT’S URGENT.


Of course, you don’t need to get her any of these and she’ll still be a princess. Whatever tickles your fancy from the above selections, it’s letting her know every single day that she’s YOUR princess what’s most important. Encourage her silliness and if she’s not into princess stuff, she’s just as cool (if not cooler). Stay glittery, my friends, and enjoy it while it lasts.

#NoniTribe Parents: Remember to always love and treat that princess like what she is: a ray of sunshine that illuminates mommy and daddy’s world. #WordsOfEncouragement go a long way.


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