Love your Community! 7 Awesome Community Service Ideas for Kids

Love your Community! 7 Awesome Community Service Ideas for Kids

When a kid’s a do-gooder, he’s able to relate to others more easily and feels a personal responsibility toward society. Take matters into your own hands and make good deeds a part of everyday life. Take advantage of our best community service ideas for kids with some great pint-sized philanthropy options:

1. Bake a difference:

Make cupcakes and have the kids take them to neighbors, mentioning that they’re collecting donations for charity. Then go online to find a charity and make a donation for immediate gratification.

2. Provide some Pet Therapy:

Pet Therapy is a great project for brightening the day of nursing home residents who may not get much company. Set up a visit with your local nursing home and simply take your pets along for the residents to enjoy. It offers them some great company and a cuddly, affectionate cat, dog or any other friendly animal to pet.

3. Hold a Teddy Bear and Friends (Stuffed Animals) Drive:

Another great community service ideas for kids is to donate the collected animals to a Homeless Shelter for new arrivals. Also…check with your local police station or fire station. Many are happy to take Teddy and Friends; a teddy bear can be a comfort to children in times of distress.

4. Host a field day:

Bring garden gloves and a bag to the park and pick up soda cans or wrappers, or offer to weed an elderly neighbor’s flower bed. If your child sees the results of his work when he walks by, he’ll get a better understanding of its impact.

Do-gooder kids are able to relate to others easily and feel deeper social responsibility.
5. Nurture their love for reading:

Have kids practice reading a book and read it to a younger child who needs help learning how to read; a senior citizen who will benefit from companionship or a child in a special needs classroom in your school who is learning to read.

6. Help the needy grab a bag:

An eco-friendly community service ideas for kids is to score a bunch of reusable grocery bags for cheap at, and have your children decorate them with fabric paints, glitter-glue and iron-on decals. Then deliver them together to a local meal pantry.

7. Host a band-aid drive:

What kid doesn’t love a cute Band-Aid? Make time to visit a local children’s hospital with a local volunteer group and bring some sticky joy. Any kind of fun bandage is fine, but Band-Aid, Curad and Nexcare are some of the best. Some usual favorites are Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, and Batman. Latex-free Band-Aids are helpful.

These are just some of the millions of ways your kiddos can get involved in their community. Make it a point to set aside time at least every month to build this great habit and bond doing some good in your neighborhood. It’s a win-win-win!


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