Social Media for Kids? We took LEGO® Life for a Test Drive

Social Media for Kids? We took LEGO® Life for a Test Drive

My son came running to me a few days ago to show me his great find: the LEGO® Life App! And oh, what a cool surprise it was! Released just this month, LEGO® Life can be best described as an Instagram for LEGO enthusiasts only. Intended as a safe, kid-friendly social media for youngsters, Lego Life is about connecting fans to fellow LEGO® fans. My son was happy to help us with this review, so we can share and give it the #NoniTribe seal of approval!



Kids can follow and interact with favorite LEGO® characters (LEGO® Batman, Emma from LEGO® Friends, Master Wu from LEGO® Ninjago, etc.) and groups (Minecraft, Star Wars, villain stuff). They’ll come across various LEGO® challenges and quizzes, and the kids can customize their own personalized 3D avatars or “minifigures.” Most of all, the youngsters are encouraged to share their digital and physical Lego creations with their peers. We poked around and played on the LEGO® Life app, which is not only fun, but feels fairly safe for our little ones. Here’s how it works:

After your kids create an account (that needs to be verified by you) and build their profile (with a very cute LEGO avatar of their choosing), they can start uploading and sharing photos of their creations for others to “like” and comment on, much like the famous app.



The very awesome news? You can relax knowing that what they’re looking at is safe because the LEGO® Group needs to approve every photo before it’s out there. If the content is age appropriate, doesn’t show real people and it’s in fact a LEGO® creation, it is then shared with the community. And in the usually short-lived world of LEGO® constructions, it’s also pretty cool to have a record of your constructions. My 8-year-old loves sharing his creations and checking out what other kids are doing; gets tons of ideas out of it! BONUS: It also provides fun quizzes and challenges to test your LEGO® knowledge!


SAFETY FIRST: Kids are prevented from sharing any personal information. Their real names aren’t used; instead, a random name generator creates a profile identity for your child, using three silly words strung together (EmperorPaleCupcake or AuntQuaintWalnut, for example.) Parents are asked to verify kid accounts via email.



Have you tried LEGO Life yet? What did you think?





  1. This app seems really cool but I worry that it’s just another electronic distraction. You guys should write about unGlue for kids… A Hardcore LEGO lover anyway (to me nothing beats good old fashion hands-on creation). Great site, keep it coming!

    1. We will! Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for stopping by and for your great words. Stuff like this keeps us going 🙂

  2. Sergio Santiago ortiz says:

    Hi there! I knew my mom helped as a designer, so I knew I needed to check the website. Oh and I saw the Lego life app and introduced it to my mom. Keep up the good work.

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